Pullstring launches bot-authoring tools for fun & profit
Posted: 27 September 2016 | 8:01 am

 Pullstring — née ToyTalk — today launched its eponymous product out of private beta and into the hands of creators of conversational interfaces everywhere. Out of the box, creators can make bots for Facebook Messenger, Slack, Skype, Kik, Telegram and — using the company’s Web API — pretty much every other platform out there. Read More

Pearl’s RearVision is a backup camera for those who want the best rear view
Posted: 27 September 2016 | 8:00 am

 At a glance Wireless, solar-powered design Dual HD cameras with 1/3″ CMOS sensors 175-degree field of view Pros Incredibly easy to set up Image quality, both day and night Cons Must be turned on manually Expensive Quick and painless The out-of-box experience for Pearl’s RearVision is really well designed. Even packaging is done right, with a folding two-sided box that… Read More

Launching a “Google for sound”, Deepgram raises $1.8 million
Posted: 27 September 2016 | 7:45 am

 Deepgram co-founders, 20-year-old wunderkind Noah Shutty and his University of Michigan lab supervisor Scott Stephenson, definitely have faith in sound. The two left behind promising research in particle physics, researching the creation of Dark Matter in the bowels of underground Chinese bunkers, to develop what they call a “Google for sound”. Much as the Google search engine… Read More

Mapping startups hope they can chart a new course to success
Posted: 27 September 2016 | 7:30 am

 Alphabet, Apple and Uber may be spending billions on exhaustive new mapping technologies to power the self-driving car revolution, but there’s a new generation of companies betting that a combination of crowdsourcing and artificial intelligence will enable them to navigate their way to success in the wild world of international geographics. Some companies are choosing to go deep into… Read More

Google expands its initiative to provide free Wi-Fi hotspots in emerging markets
Posted: 27 September 2016 | 7:29 am

 Google today announced a collection of updates that are aimed at helping get ‘the next billion’ internet users in India and emerging markets online. One of the more subtle yet interesting components to that push is the launch of Google Station, a project to enable public Wi-Fi hotspots. Read More

Google launches data-friendly YouTube app for India and other emerging markets
Posted: 27 September 2016 | 6:54 am

 Google has introduced a new version of YouTube that is dedicated to users in emerging markets. Read More

Red Points bags $2.2M to help brands fight counterfeiting and piracy
Posted: 27 September 2016 | 6:52 am

 Spanish startup Red Points has closed a €2 million (~$2.2M) funding round to grow usage of its piracy detection and removal SaaS by expanding from Europe into new markets, including North America. It’s also intending to broaden its customer focus. Read More

Xiaomi’s newest phones include dual-lens camera and under-glass fingerprint reader
Posted: 27 September 2016 | 6:09 am

 Hot on the heels of the launch of the iPhone 7 Plus, Apple’s first smartphone with dual reverse-facing cameras, so China’s Xiaomi has joined the double camera club with Mi 5s Plus announced today. Read More

Exclusive TechCrunch survey reveals startups and investors are divided over Brexit
Posted: 27 September 2016 | 2:54 am

 On Thursday 23 June 2016 the world changed. On that day a referendum was held to decide whether the UK should Leave or Remain in the European Union. Leave won by 52% to 48%. The referendum turnout was 71.8%, with more than 30 million people voting (though not 100% of the electorate). The campaigns on both sides had issues in terms of what they promised, to put it mildly. But on the issue of… Read More

Crunch Report | Snapchat Releases Spectacles
Posted: 27 September 2016 | 1:28 am

Snapchat gets into the hardware game with its first hardware foray — Spectacles, Senator Mark Warner wants to open an SEC investigation into Yahoo’s breach, Elon Musk gets one step closer to interplanetary travel, Uber is exploring new aerial vehicles for short-haul travel. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

Climate change and cleantech provide unlikely first flashpoints in Presidential debate
Posted: 26 September 2016 | 10:12 pm

 In the opening moments of the presidential debate, some of the first flashpoints came over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s push for clean energy and clean technology in her economic development plan. While both presidential challengers, Secretary Clinton and Donald Trump, support infrastructure spending, Clinton came out during the debates with a full-throated support… Read More

Apple adds Sonos speakers to its stores as it focuses on wireless audio
Posted: 26 September 2016 | 9:06 pm

 Did you hear? Wireless audio is the future — at least to Apple. And to that end, Sonos, perhaps the best wireless speakers available, are now available in the Apple Store alongside speakers from B&O, Logitech, and Apple’s Beats. Apple already sells several wireless speakers but the Sonos speakers would be the first multi-room system available. The Sonos PLAY:1 and PLAY:5… Read More

Fishing in the dead pool
Posted: 26 September 2016 | 9:00 pm

 I have used my free time this summer revisiting a childhood passion: fishing. My father loved to fish. He would take me to Central Park’s Ramble and Lake with a hook and lure. I would inevitably catch something very small, put it in a cup and hope it would survive overnight to show my friends. As I grew older, we graduated to fishing boats launching from City Island and Sheepshead Bay.… Read More

Hofstra bans private Wi-Fi, charges $200 for network connectivity during debate
Posted: 26 September 2016 | 8:53 pm

 In an exciting bit of pre-debate frisson, journalists covering the presidential debate at Hofstra University are now Tweet they have to pay $200 for Wi-Fi access on site and, more importantly, the ones who have paid now have no Internet at all. Aaaaaaaaand the $200 Wi-Fi Hofstra forced the reporters to buy at the #debate? It's down. — emily (((dreyfuss))) (@EmilyDreyfuss) September… Read More

Lenovo’s gutting of Motorola is nearly complete
Posted: 26 September 2016 | 8:41 pm

 My first cell phone was a Sanyo. But only because I couldn’t afford a Motorola. I wanted a StarTAC. All the cool kids had a StarTAC. My Sanyo said loud and clear I was not a cool kid. Sometime later, I spent around $650 to be one of the first people to get the RAZR. People didn’t stand in line back then, but I purchased it at the store the first day it was available. I was finally… Read More

U.S. Department of Labor sues Palantir for racial discrimination
Posted: 26 September 2016 | 6:39 pm

 The U.S. Department of Labor is suing Palantir Technologies, the software and data analysis company contracted by the federal government, for alleged racial discrimination against Asian people in its hiring and selection processes. The aim of the lawsuit is to put an end to Palantir‘s alleged discriminatory hiring practices, according to a release the Department of Labor put out today.… Read More

76ers get into e-sports with purchase of Dignitas and Apex pro gaming teams
Posted: 26 September 2016 | 6:17 pm

 The Philadelphia 76ers became the first American professional sports franchise to own an e-sports team with the purchase of pro gaming outfits Dignitas and Apex. If this isn’t proof positive that online pro gaming is big business, I don’t know what is. Read More

Lenovo undergoes another big layoff round, mostly impacting Motorola
Posted: 26 September 2016 | 6:05 pm

 Late last year, Lenovo announced some massive layoffs following a quarter of bad financial news. The company let 3,200 employees go, as decline in PC demand, increased smartphone competition and currency fluctuations apparently created something of a perfect storm. The company is at it again, and while the number is less than list time, it’s still fairly significant,… Read More

Zenly raises $22.5 million from Benchmark for its location-sharing app
Posted: 26 September 2016 | 5:52 pm

 French startup Zenly has raised $22.5 million over the summer from Benchmark and a few other investors. Business Insider first reported the round and TechCrunch got an official confirmation. Here’s what we know. Benchmark is leading the round with Peter Fenton joining the board of the company. Fenton has invested in a few social network companies and also is a board member of Twitter. Read More

Edie Windsor coding scholarship selects 40 LGBTQ women to learn how to code
Posted: 26 September 2016 | 5:46 pm

 There’s a shortage of people from the lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer community in tech — not because they lack skill, but because they lack equal opportunity. Lesbians Who Tech, the organization for lesbian and queer women in tech, has selected 40 people to receive scholarships to attend coding bootcamps at schools like General Assembly, Dev Bootcamp and Turing. Over the… Read More

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